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Dear Thing by Julie Cohen

On December 16, 2014

By Sophia Whitfield
Julie Cohen has written more than twenty books. Her latest novel Dear Thing is a compelling account of one couple’s desire for a child.

Claire has the perfect life. A gorgeous husband, a beautiful home and a job she adores. Elegant and stylish she has it all except for one thing – a child. Desperate for a child to complete the package, Ben and Claire have tried everything. Nothing has worked and Claire is on the brink of giving up on her dream.

That is until Romily, Ben’s best friend, offers to be a surrogate for them. Romily already has one child and continues to struggle as a single mother. However what Claire does not know is that Romily has been in love with Ben for years. Claire's eggs are unable to be used so the child is biologically Romily’s and Ben’s.

Romily couldn’t bear to see Ben in pain when Claire had finally given up on them having a child. Being a surrogate seemed like a good solution at the time. As the pregnancy continues Romily unexpectedly falls in love with Thing (her name for the baby she is carrying) and writes to the child in a notebook. Relationships become strained and new feelings threaten a friendship and a marriage.

Cohen has described the desperation felt by parents unable to conceive a child and the raw emotion that comes with the uncertainty of surrogacy. Sensitively told, Dear Thing is hard to put down.

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